During the Democratic National Convention, President Obama gave a “shout out” to Marvin Windows & Doors for not laying off any employees since the Great Depression. Today, Mitt Romney “stumped” at a Marvin manufacturing plant in Roanoke, Virginia discussing how the United States could use a President who understands business and how business could use less regulation. No matter what your political leanings are, one thing is for certain – Democrats and Republicans are both voting for Marvin Windows & Doors. Why? Because Marvin’s success is not political. Marvin’s success is based on policies, values and concepts that anyone can understand and support. Marvin has an extremely long term view, conservative business policies and a deep consideration for the long term welfare of all of their stakeholders including their employees, vendors, customers and yes Republicans and Democrats. Unlike Washington or Wall Street, Marvin thinks in terms of decades – not quarters or even election cycles. While the Marvin family has supported Republican causes, there is no company that is more concerned with the welfare of all of their stakeholders. This would seem ironic only if you have never met the people of Marvin Windows & Doors While many companies claim to be great – when both parties are fighting to be associated with Marvin – you know you are a great company. On November 6, cast your vote for President and for more companies like Marvin Windows & Doors.