Beautiful Patio Doors Offered to Homeowners in Detroit, MI & Neighboring Cities

Patio Doors Detroit MIPatio doors will receive plenty of exposure to the elements while also being a well-used threshold that allows convenient access to the outdoors. As a resident of Detroit, Michigan, or a nearby area, you’ll want to make sure the patio door system you choose for your home will remain as sturdy, beautiful, and weather-resistant as it was the day it was installed. It’s essential to partner with experts that can cater to all your needs, and you’ll find just that with the professionals at WindowPRO.

With our vast selection of patio doors, which include sliding glass doors, swinging doors, and French doors, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect patio door system for your home. It’s with great pleasure that WindowPRO provides doors from the illustrious manufacturer Marvin. The lines we proudly provide from this long-standing brand include:

  • Marvin – Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is the main brand line, because these patio doors are anything but standard. These doors are characterized by extruded aluminum-clad exteriors and wood interiors, so you get the beautiful, classic look of wood inside to complement your interior décor paired with sturdy, weatherproof metal covered in a high-performance 70 percent Kynar finish for the utmost protection from severe elements.
  • Infinity® from Marvin – These patio doors are characterized by their durable frames that are crafted with pultruded Ultrex® fiberglass and a patented, factory-applied, and impenetrable finish, which provides lasting beauty and structural integrity. And Low-E, high-performance glass minimizes harsh UV light from infiltrating your home, which can be harmful to you and your home’s flooring and furnishings.
  • Integrity® from Marvin – These patio doors are available in either an all Ultrex® construction or an Ultrex® exterior paired with a wooden interior. You can have your choice between thick glazing for sound infiltration reduction and different tiers of Low-E glass that provides various levels of protection against UV rays.

Furthermore, unlike what you may experience with other door companies serving the Detroit, MI, area, WindowPRO allocates all of our efforts toward being experts on our select products, making installing patio doors one of our exclusive specialties. All of the individuals installing patio door systems for us are certified, authorized installers and have received comprehensive training from Marvin, ensuring the workmanship we provide is precise.

Contact WindowPRO today to speak with us about the wide assortment of patio doors we offer. We are the trusted experts serving Detroit, MI, and the nearby areas.