Premium Patio Doors Available in Rochester Hills, MI & Surrounding Cities

Patio Doors Rochester Hills MIAside from looks, it may be hard to pinpoint what sets top-notch patio doors apart from the rest in terms of longevity and durability. Yet, given a few years, a patio door will either begin to show its wear and tear or prove to you that you have invested in a premium product that holds its own over time. If you’re interested in the latter, then WindowPRO is the contractor for you. We will make it quite clear how our state-of-the-art patio doors outshine the other models offered by our competitors in the Rochester Hills, Michigan, area.

In everything we do, quality comes first. This is why we set out to partner with the most renowned manufacturers in the industry and are confident we found that in Marvin. As such, we proudly are the exclusive dealer of the Infinity® from Marvin patio doors in Rochester Hills, MI. We are so impressed with this line, and we are sure that you will be too, thanks to our doors’ numerous features, such as:

  • Multi-point locking systems for enhanced peace of mind
  • Frames made of Ultrex® fiberglass that is as beautiful as it is durable
  • Patented, factory-applied finishes that will look gorgeous years down the line
  • Multiple-pane, Low-E glass that reflects away UV rays and also limits heat from entering or escaping a home

In order to never let our clients feel limited in their selection when they partner with us, we also provide the two other Marvin lines, the standard Marvin collection that features wooden models and the Integrity® from Marvin fiberglass patio doors. Additionally, we also carry doors from two big brands that have impressed us, ProVia® and Simonton.

The professionals at WindowPRO would love to speak with you about our wide assortment of gorgeous, long-lasting patio doors. Contact us today to learn about having a new patio door installed on your home in Rochester Hills, MI, or a nearby city.