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WindowPro is Featured in! Here’s what Jake Zahnow had to say in an article titled Product of Demand: Fiberglass Windows  in regards to Wood vs. Vinyl vs. Fiberglass.

“Window Pro, a window replacement company in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, began carrying fiberglass windows in 2009. President Jake Zahnow says that the company mostly competes for a demographic he describes as “upper-middle” and above. “Two-thirds of the time they’re considering wood,” Zahnow notes. “The other third vinyl.” Generally, though, he adds, “those in the upper end tend to self-select themselves out of vinyl,” where price is often a first consideration and where the cost may be half of what a fiberglass window would go for.”

Infinity from Marvin windows and doors are made of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass. Ultrex is quite possibly the perfect building material for windows and doors. It’s durable, strong, stable, low-maintenance and efficient. Infinity from Marvin windows and doors made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass outperform roll-form aluminum, vinyl, and vinyl/wood composites in virtually every measurable category. While other windows might bend, break, or crack over time, Infinity from Marvin windows hold strong and perform under great stress without showing age or wear.