Why Are Fiberglass Windows Such a Popular Choice Among Homeowners in the Bloomfield Hills, MI, Area?

Fiberglass Windows Bloomfield Hills MIThere are so many window options available on the market today, but fiberglass is quickly becoming the most highly sought-after choice in the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, area. Fiberglass windows were originally developed to address some of the limitations of vinyl windows, and they ended up outperforming a wide range of other window materials in a number of important ways. For instance, they are exceptionally:

Strong and Durable

Fiberglass frames are eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood, allowing them to withstand heavy winds, extreme temperature fluctuations, impact from hail and windborne debris, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at them. They will not warp, rot, corrode, or rust over time, so you won’t have to spend time repainting or staining them in order to maintain their like-new appearance.

Energy Efficient

Fiberglass windows will help increase the thermal performance of your home by preventing heat and cold loss. This means that your home’s HVAC system will not need to work as hard to maintain comfortable interior temperatures throughout the seasons, so you could potentially notice an increase in energy savings.


Fiberglass windows can be fabricated in a way that very closely resembles wood, giving them an exceptionally sophisticated and polished appearance. They can also be painted in a wide array of different colors and finishes, so you’ll find something that truly complements your home.

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