How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

Mar 03, 2017

Ideally, windows should be washed twice a year, but it’s a task most people don’t look forward to. Part of what makes window washing such a chore is that homeowners insist on doing it with wadded-up paper towels or newspaper, spray cleaner, and a ton of elbow grease. It’s easier and more effective to clean glass like the pros do:

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Window Designs That Make Small Spaces Feel Big

Feb 24, 2017

Cutting down on square footage you don’t really need is a great way to simplify your life and save money, but it comes with certain design challenges. Keep your smart investment feeling bright and comfortable with a window design that helps it seem larger than it really is! Whether your entire home is small or you just have a tight

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Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows

Feb 10, 2017

Chances are that the main reason you are replacing your old windows is to upgrade to more energy efficient models. Window companies have improved their offerings so they now help save you money on your energy bills all year long. But it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out which window are right for your home. Shopping locally is

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Neolith Tiny Houses – WindowPRO

Feb 07, 2017

From millennials to empty nesters, there is a social movement for people to downsize homes for a simpler, lower maintenance lifestyle. However, downsizing doesn’t have to mean giving up luxuries and amenities of full-size homes. Learn more about the Neolith Tiny House, their building process and upcoming presentations here.

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Marvin Invites Architects to Enter its 2017 Architects Challenge

Feb 03, 2017

Marvin Windows and Doors invites architects to enter its 2017 Architects Challenge, a competition awarding prizes to residential and commercial design projects that exhibit creativity and ingenuity using Marvin windows and doors. Entries should be submitted to by March 10, 2017. Now in its ninth year, the 2017 Marvin Architects Challenge will recognize one outstanding design in each of

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10 Rules for Arranging Furniture

Jan 27, 2017

Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. When you’re faced with an empty room knowing how to fill it can seem overwhelming. But all you need to do is follow these common sense rules and you’ll find that arranging furniture isn’t so scary after all. Choose a Focal Point Never underestimate the power of a focal point. Sometimes they appear

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Easy Ways to Add Character

Jan 20, 2017

Add comfort, convenience, and character with the right lighting. Update the chandelier over the dining room table. Add simple plug-in puck lights under kitchen cabinets and inside closets. Cozy up a dark corner with an accent light. Install mini accent lights above wall art or framed family photos. Focus on the Foyer Make the foyer useful by clearing out clutter that accumulates around the front

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8 Early Winter Fast Fixes

Jan 13, 2017

Don’t forget to fuel your pile with carbon-rich browns, such as shredded newspaper, as well as nitrogen-rich greens, such as kitchen scraps. Turn on the Air Conditioner Just for a few minutes! Running the system every other month keeps internal parts lubricated. Adjust Tv Settings New flat-screen? Switch off the energy-draining, ultra-bright “demo” mode, meant to attract attention in stores.

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