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Can I Replace A Door Myself?

DIY Door Replacement

Our doors get used every single day, so it’s no surprise that they might need a replacement sooner than you think. What many don’t realize is that bringing in a new door doesn’t need to be a hassle.

For residents of Wixom, WindowPRO has been installing new doors for years. It’s for that reason that we know door replacement doesn’t have to be a big deal, so long as you have your toolbox ready. If you’re thinking about replacing a door yourself, read on to see how you can get started.

How To Replace A Door Frame

So long as they have the right tools and a can-do attitude, many homeowners can perform a door replacement themselves. Preparation and precision are the most important things to remember. When replacing a door, you’ll likely want the following materials:

  • Screwdriver
  • Mallet
  • Chisel
  • Tape measure
  • Wooden wedges
  • Drill
  • Hand saw
  • Pencil

It’s not guaranteed you’ll need every one of these tools, but the more you have at your disposal, the more prepared you’ll be.

1. Remove The Old Door

If you want to know how to install your interior door, first you’ll need to uninstall the old one. To start, unscrew the door hinges and remove them. Wooden wedges can be used to support the door underneath and make this process easier. Be careful not to damage the hinge recesses or chip any door paint.

2. Take Measurements

Measurements are important to make sure your new door is sized correctly. Depending on your situation, there are different strategies of how to measure a door for replacement. Either way, you should know the height, width and thickness of the old and new door.

If you have help from someone else, one person can keep the old door steady in its frame while the other marks down the dimensions. Alternatively, if you already have the new door, you can compare the two together and mark any needed cuts if necessary.

3. Prepare And Resize The New Door

It’s likely that some trimming will be required to properly size your new door. Using your measurements, you can trim the sides of the door with a saw. A chisel can be useful for more precise adjustments.

4. Attach The Hinges

Using the door frame, mark the positions for the door hinges with a pencil. Once you know the measurements for your hinges, you can make cuts on the new door with a chisel. Use the drill to make holes for the screws.

5. Hang The New Door

When your new door has been fully measured and adjusted, it’s time for the grand finale. Hold the door in its frame and screw the hinges. Before celebrating, check the door’s movement a few times to ensure everything is in working order. A door that rubs may need to be loosened a little. Once you’re certain that the door is up to snuff, step back and feel free to admire your new addition!

Our Doors Are Open At WindowPRO

While everyone loves a DIY accomplishment, we at WindowPRO want to make sure you know the importance of well-tuned doors. Poorly installed or maintained doors can lead to drafts and long-term damage. In the worst of cases, they can put your privacy or even your security at risk. More problems than we might think can come from a simple mistake in door replacement.

The best way to have reliable, enduring doors is by having a team of proven experts install them for you. WindowPRO has spent years providing quality door and window services for the people of Michigan. Our doors stay open so that your doors can stick around. To schedule your next door installation, you need only give us a call!

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