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Window Replacement At WindowPRO

To further enhance customer service and choice, we continually expand our installed sales infrastructure, adding experienced managers and outside sales professionals to our team. We also expanded an entire department dedicated to meeting the demands and ensuring the success of our customers. That’s how committed we are to our customers’ happiness. Below are some of the processes we use to complete your window installation flawlessly.

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Insert Installation and Services

The insert installation method of window replacement is used when your existing window frames are in good condition but the sash or glass is in need of replacement. Insert window frames are designed to fit into your existing window frame with no disruption to existing trim, interior walls or exterior siding. This method is fast, efficient and economical.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

The full frame window installation method is useful when your entire window has deteriorated, or if you are looking to change the aesthetics of your home. With a full-frame replacement, the entire window (sash, frame and casing) is replaced. With jamb depths available to fit all wall depths and a variety of interior and exterior trim options, customers can totally change their views with this installation method.

Winter Installation

Contrary to popular belief, WindowPRO replaces windows and doors all year long! Most people notice the need for new replacement windows during the colder months. There is no reason to wait another year to start saving on your energy bills. The heat loss to your home during installation is minimal, and the financial and comfort savings can be significant!

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