All Ultrex Series Integrity Windows from Marvin


All Ultrex Series windows and doors feature Ultrex construction inside and out. Beautiful, easy to use and as low-maintenance as a material can get, Ultrex® provides exceptional aesthetics, outstanding durability, and standard ENERGY STAR-qualified performance. Six exterior finishes combine with pultruded fiberglass construction to offer virtually indestructible exteriors, while the low-maintenance classic white profiled interiors provide a beautiful classic appearance.


  • Line of fiberglass windows and doors in both standard and special sizes
  • LoĒ2 and LoĒ3-366 insulating glass with argon gas
  • Low-maintenance, high-durability Ultrex exterior and interior
  • Stone White, Pebble Gray, Cashmere, Bronze, Evergreen and Ebony exterior finish options, or paint with no adverse effect on durability
  • Lite patterns and factory mulling allows you to easily create custom looks