The Top 3 Reasons to Replace Your Front Door

An old front door can have several negative effects on a home – it can become not only an eyesore but also a detriment to your home’s security and energy efficiency. To better understand the benefits of replacing your front door, we’ve highlighted the main points to consider below.

Curb Appeal

An old or damaged front entry door can really detract from your home’s appearance. A home’s door is the focal point of its exterior, which is why an attractive door upgrade can have such a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Plus, with the number of aesthetic options that are available today, a new entry door can be highly personalized to achieve any look you desire – to complement your home’s architecture as well as suit your personal preferences for style.

Return on Investment

A front door replacement is a low-cost home improvement with an impressive increase to a home’s resale value. In fact, new front doors have even been known to return more than 100% of their cost upon resale of the home. If you’re planning to sell your home in the coming years and you currently have an old entry door, then a replacement is a no-brainer.


Contemporary entry doors are far more secure than their predecessors, thanks to advances in locking capabilities and door construction. Old entry doors may have weakened structurally or could have low-tech locks that make them more susceptible to break-ins.

Other Benefits of Replacing Your Front Door

Reasons to Replace Your Front Door

The perks of replacing your home’s front door don’t end there, however. A new door can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. If you can feel drafts or see outside light around your door, then some of the money you’re spending on heating and cooling your home is escaping right out your front door. A new, energy-efficient door can remedy that, making your home more comfortable and reducing your utility bills.

If it’s time to replace your home’s front door, contact your local window and door company WindowPRO. We’d be happy to visit your home for a consultation.