WindowPRO has over 80 years of window and door experience

WindowPRO has 8 Project Managers and Service Technicians who are qualified to service any of the products we sell. WindowPRO has 80 years of window and door experience. In most circumstances, our services are free if the products being serviced are purchased from WindowPRO are backed by our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Non-WindowPRO customers can receive service for a nominal fee. Whether you are a WindowPRO customer or not, please complete the service request and an agent will call you within two business days to schedule an appointment.

WindowPRO Contractor

Service, quality and price are important to any professional customer. WindowPRO works on tight schedules to make sure that every job is done on time or we can hold up the entire project.

At WindowPRO we pride ourselves on our 80 year history of exemplary customer service and our ability to always adapt to our customers’ needs. An example of this commitment is the continued expansion of our Installed Services for contractors. With fewer skilled trade contractors available, residential and commercial builders and remodelers are turning to WindowPRO to complete their projects from pricing and delivery thru installation.


To further enhance customer service and choice, we continually expand our installed sales infrastructure adding experienced managers and outside sales professionals. We also expanded an entire department dedicated to meeting the demands and ensuring the success of our customers. Replacing windows in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Toledo is WindowPRO’s forte, let us work with you on your next project!


Professional and experienced drivers are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service.  We offer free delivery within a 50 mile radius of any of our three convenient window showrooms.

Painting & Staining

Because everyone’s home and/or tastes are different, WindowPRO offers painting and staining services to ensure your window or door replacement matches your vision. After installation, WindowPRO schedules a consultation with a professional painter or stainer who will work closely with each customer to closely match their expectations. Unlike many companies, WindowPRO does not pre-stain or pre-paint any of its products until they are completely installed to ensure that colors and trim meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. WindowPRO believes that doing it any other way will result in poor customer satisfaction.