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Wixom, MI

Window and Door Materials

What Makes Our Products Preferrable?

WindowPRO only offers window and door products that we’re 100% confident in. Our materials are tried and true, ensuring your home is safe and stylish every day of the year. These are the most common materials used in our windows and doors:


One of the strongest and most durable materials, fiberglass is a popular choice for windows and doors in Southeast Michigan. It maintains maximum insulation benefits to keep your home energy efficient and is temperature resistant. They can also be extruded in low-profile frames and sashes!

Wood Or Extruded Aluminum Cladding

If you’re looking for a timeless and sophisticated style with good structural strength, wood or aluminum are great options. The appeal of wood on the inside of your home and the opportunity for custom colors fulfills every homeowner’s specific desires. Plus, the thermal resistance of these materials is high.


Formed from extruded PVC, vinyl materials add rigidity to your frame and sashes. Although vinyl is only available in lighter colors, the chambers built into it act as insulation like airspace does between glass panes.

Exclusive Add-On Options

WindowPRO pursues industry partnerships with quality companies to be able to offer Southeast Michigan every perk and customization we can. That’s why we’re proud to offer retractable door screens from Phantom Screens® as an additional personalization. Only the top materials that we’re 100% confident in are available to our clients, and Phantom Screens® more than exceed expectations.

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