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Our Window Brand Partners

Here at WindowPRO, we’re committed to providing the very best services to our Southeast Michigan community. This dedication ranges from precise services and friendly team members to high-quality, durable window materials. We’ll never put our name on a window brand that we aren’t fully confident in. You deserve to have full confidence in your windows to insulate your home throughout the year and withstand the force of weather events.

Luckily, our team partners with fantastic window brands to guarantee that your window replacement proceeds smoothly and serves your home effectively for years. Our top window vendors are Marvin®, Infinity from Marvin™ and ProVia®.


When you install Marvin windows into your home, you’re gaining top-tier materials and designs made for your lifestyle. Marvin offers more than 60 window options with variations in finish, glaze and trim to match your home’s needs and style. With top energy-efficiency ratings and a commitment to innovation in the window industry, Marvin is the best manufacturer for your home. WindowPRO is proud to be the largest installer of Marvin windows in Michigan!

“Marvin® windows are crafted with the highest quality material, and the ability to mix and match across product lines will allow you to achieve the right form and function for your residential, commercial, replacement, and coastal needs.”

Infinity from Marvin

Backed by Marvin’s 100+ year reputation, Infinity from Marvin provides custom-made, fiberglass windows  to Southeast Michigan. As the largest installer of Infinity from Marvin windows and one of only four dealers in the state, WindowPRO is extremely familiar with the durability, resilience and expansive catalogue of premier windows available to Michigan homeowners. With original Ultrex® fiberglass and endless options to weather proof, customize and personalize your windows, Infinity from Marvin™ is the perfect choice for your home.

“We created Ultrex® with one goal in mind: develop the most durable window material in the industry. It’s not only 8 times stronger than vinyl — it resists expanding and contracting in any climate. So you get a tight, snug fit that will last.”


WindowPRO partners with ProVia as one of only 25 dealers in the state for a unique window experience that allows our clients to complete their dream home design. ProVia not only strives to make their windows efficient and sustainable, but their company processes as well. With an emphasis on detail and a wide range of options for glass tints, colors and materials, ProVia will make your dream windows a reality.

“At ProVia®, we care about our customers as much as we do the products and services we meticulously provide. We combine state-of-the-art technology with authentic old-world craftsmanship to deliver personalized care with every order.”



When you need window replacements for your home, partner with WindowPRO and our premier window brands! You’ll be glad you trusted Southeast Michigan’s preferred window company.

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