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Awning Windows

Multi-season windows for all rooms in the home!

A Different Perspective With Awning Windows

While the word awning might conjure up images of booths and outdated drive-thrus, awning windows are far from out of style. In fact, many modern and contemporary homes successfully incorporate awning windows into their designs. With streamlined options and dependable operation, awning windows are definitely in vogue.

The team at WindowPRO offers multiple awning window styles to fit your Southeast Michigan home. With our windows, you can enjoy the view and increase ventilation – even if it’s raining outside. To explore all of your window options and begin designing the perfect look for your home, reach out to our team today!

image of awning windows in a home living room

What Makes An Awning Window Different?

The sash on a WindowPRO awning window is hinged on top of the frame to open outwards with smooth scissor-hinge operation. Smoothly crank the Infinity® Awning open with our folding handle that tucks out of the way of most window treatments for a clean, finished look.

Awning windows that are wider than they are tall are often installed higher up on a wall to preserve privacy or usable wall space. For this reason, awning windows are suitable for bathrooms or personal workspaces.

They can also be installed above interior doors as a transom or above larger windows to pull in more natural light and improve ventilation.

Take In The Views

Awning windows excel at bringing in a cool breeze and pulling stagnant hot air out of a room. Because they open at the bottom, awning windows naturally shed water, so it’s possible to keep them open even when it rains. Like casements, awning windows are energy efficient because the wind blowing on them can actually create a tighter seal.

This type of window is perfect for an office space or kitchen area – any room that could benefit from a fresh breeze. Don’t let your workspace get stuffy and hot — simply crank your awning window open and bring a little bit of the outside in. Not working from home? A breakfast or reading nook would look flawless with an awning window open to catch the sound of rain or a soft breeze.

Where Are Awning Windows In Southeast Michigan?

Awning windows look chic when installed above a set of hinged patio doors. Or even below a trio of picture windows. Placing awning windows near floor level can modernize the look of a bow or panoramic window.

Awning windows look elegant when installed beneath a large, inoperable arched window. With an awning window, you can still access fresh air without being limited by window sashes. For a more modern aesthetic, choose a dark finish with minimalistic hardware. No matter what your home’s style, there’s an awning window that’s right for you.

WindowPRO Proudly Serving Michigan

Serving cities across Southeast Michigan, WindowPRO has been owned and operated by the same family for five generations. While we’re committed to maintaining traditions of craftsmanship and professionalism, we’re not stuck in the past. We use innovative materials and the latest in home improvement technology to give you the industry’s best products and services.

With windows from our team, you can stay comfortable in your home year-round. Low-maintenance, durable materials can withstand Michigan winters and allow you to welcome in the sunshine come spring. Embrace the changing seasons and uplift your home’s appearance with awning windows from WindowPRO.

Long-Lasting Window Replacements

Awning windows can act as compliments to picture or casement windows, increase ventilation in certain rooms or even create a statement when installed below a line of windows. However you can picture it, our team can make it happen. Get started with your window replacement consultation today!

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