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Specialty Shaped Windows

Bring unique character to your home with custom windows!

Custom Specialty Shaped Windows

Not every home looks complete with conventional square and rectangular windows. Homes with gables, steep roofs, multiple stories and other architectural elements could benefit from specialty-shaped windows. Specialty-shaped windows let in the light where a rectangular window would fall short.

Eyebrow shapes, triangles, circles and more can make your home stand out and complete your custom look. Combine unique shapes with traditional window configurations to create the perfect design for your Southeast Michigan home. To get started today or begin exploring your options, reach out to the team at WindowPRO!

a specialty shaped window with a shelf

What Makes A Specialty Shaped Window Special?

Any windows that are not in the shape of a rectangle or square are considered specialty shape windows. Specialty shape windows are available in dozens of geometric shapes and provide virtually unlimited design possibilities.

When combined with conventional single or double-hung, sliding or casement windows, specialty-shaped windows can complete your home’s look.

Most custom-built specialty shape windows have a fixed sash — meaning they don’t open — and many are found near to or combined with operating windows. Our trusted partner, Marvin®, offers operating sashes in shapes like triangles, trapezoids, octagons and circles to partner beautiful shapes with fresh breezes. If you need a specialty shape window for your home, turn to WindowPRO today!

Why You Would Need A Specialty Shaped Window

Very few homes are perfectly suited to factory-set, rectangular windows. In fact, many homes have gables, vaulted ceilings, dark stairways and other areas that could benefit from natural light. That’s what makes specialty windows so important.

Here are some more areas where uniquely shaped windows can be helpful:

  • Corners
  • Gables
  • Hallways and stairways
  • Above entryway doors
  • Combination windows
  • Below vaulted ceilings

Our team at WindowPRO has access to dozens of specialty-shaped windows, and we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your home. We offer virtual consultations to help you get to designing your windows faster and from the safety and comfort of your home. When you’re ready to get started, reach out to us!

When Southeast Michigan Needs Specialty Windows

Specialty windows can be designed to fit beneath eves or match up with arches and other windows. Shapes like eyebrows and triangles are made to complete curves and angles that conventional windows can’t fit into. Don’t let your design be limited by ninety-degree angles. Let our specialty-shaped windows reflect your unique style.

Hexagon, octagon and circular windows can crown your home near the roof apex or above a garage door. Bathrooms and small spaces can welcome light in with unique windows made for your home. To learn more about our available shapes and for help developing your design, reach out to our team today!

Choose The Best With WindowPRO + Marvin

Thanks to our dependable window partner, Marvin®, we offer specialty windows that can do more than let the sunshine in. We can create custom windows in triangles, trapezoids, octagons and circles that actually function. That means your custom, special window will open and close — just like a window should!

Gone are the days of beautiful windows that can’t do more than sit there and look pretty. With WindowPRO, your custom windows can open to let in the breeze and then lock tight to keep out the cold. Our specialty windows are as well-made and long-lasting as all of our other models and styles.

Top-Quality Windows In Southeast Michigan

With a specialty-shaped window replacement from our team, you can rest assured your windows will look beautiful and last for years. We even offer free delivery within a 50-mile radius of our Southeast Michigan showroom. Remember, with windows from our team, it’s the view of your life… it’s WindowPRO. Reach out to us today!

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