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Casement Windows

Bring the whimsy back to your home with casement windows!

Casement Windows In Southeast Michigan

Casement windows can lend a wistful, nostalgic feel to your home’s aesthetic. They’re reminiscent of a simpler time when folks threw the windows open with both arms outstretched into the open air. This style of window doesn’t have to be relegated to Tudor homes and woodland cottages – in fact, with the right configuration, casement windows can work with any design style.

At WindowPRO, we’re here to help our customers with trusted window replacements in Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas. Whether you’re interested in replacing one window or your home’s entire facade, our team is here for you. We believe in working hard no matter the size of the project, and we stand by all of our work.

For more information or to get started with your Michigan window replacement, reach out to our team today!

casement windows in a mudroom with green cabinets and shelves with view to yard

Make A Case For A Casement Window

With a casement window, there’s a hinge on one side of the sash that lets the window open either to the left or to the right. At WindowPRO, our casement windows are crank-operated and are a great option in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms where additional ventilation is necessary.

Smoothly crank the Infinity® Casement out with our folding handle that tucks out of the way for a streamlined, finished look.

When it comes to maintaining your views, our team makes it easy. WindowPRO offers a standard Easy Wash® hinge from Infinity® that lets you easily clean the window from inside your home. Keep your windows spotless and your home looking flawless with our casement windows.

When it comes to optimizations, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a pane with or without grilles or combine multiple casements with a central picture window to complete your custom look.

Customize Your Casement Window

This type of window can be designed to fit your design – be it a modern or traditional aesthetic. A more traditional style can be achieved by adding lite bars, or window grids. Leaving the glass alone as one piece can result in a large, uninterrupted view. When closed, the sash of a casement window presses into the frame, making this window style one of the most energy-efficient options.

Casement windows function in a way similar to French doors. They open out like swinging doors but are on cranks so they won’t blow open or closed. Imagine opening your casement window and admiring flowers growing in window boxes beneath the frames. It’s the perfect kitchen garden window that gives you access to fresh air and breezes.

Benefits Of Casement Windows

Since they open sideways, casement windows are more effective at capturing a breeze than single or double-hung windows — and since our casement windows open and close with a crank, almost anyone can operate them.

Also, our multi-locking point system improves security when compared to single or double-hung windows. With a conventional window, the sash can be leveraged open, but casement windows can’t be opened from outside without breaking the glass.

Another added benefit of this design is its energy efficiency. A casement window closes tightly in the frame, so there’s minimal air leakage. The glass panes in conventional windows can develop leaks over time, resulting in an uptick in energy use. Take advantage of the design opportunities and benefits of a casement window. Reach out to WindowPRO today!

Trust The WindowPRO Team

With their adaptive style and customizable look, casement windows can unify almost any home aesthetic. From children’s rooms to office suites, there’s no space that wouldn’t benefit from a casement. Contact our team to learn more and see the WindowPRO options for yourself. Reach out today

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