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French Sliding Patio Doors

Romantic French-style doors on an easy slider for operation!

Classy French Sliding Patio Doors

French sliding patio doors are the best of two worlds: the beauty and elegance of a hinged French door and the convenience and space-saving capabilities of a sliding door. Now you can complete your home’s aesthetic and maintain efficiency with a sliding French door from WindowPRO.

We offer two, three and four-panel configurations for our sliding French doors, so your Southeast Michigan home can look just as you imagined it. In addition to size, we also offer choices of finishes, hardware, lites, trim, glass and more. Ready to get started designing your perfect sliding French door? Reach out to our team today!

patio doors leading to the backyard of a Michigan home, white and wooden modern interior of the home

Elegance And Durability With WindowPRO

A sliding French door offers the upscale, polished look of a traditional hinged French door with the ease of a sliding door.

Designed for both performance and aesthetics, this door is available with double, triple or quad panels. Let in an abundance of natural light and access your outdoor space with the ease of our sliding door systems.

Our sliding French doors come with a multiple-point locking system for added security. If you’re looking for increased accessibility, opt for a low-profile sill that allows smooth transitions over your threshold between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Embrace the outdoors with a French sliding door replacement from WindowPRO.

What Sets Our Doors Apart

The sliding French door offers a durable, stylish design with nearly effortless operation and a long-lasting sill. With our multi-point locking system and industry-tested materials, your doors can provide security and weather protection even in harsh climates. If the view is the focal point, enjoy sizes up to 16 feet wide with heights up to 8 feet for a strong connection to the outdoors.

Take advantage of the view and give your family easy access to your backyard, patio or garden area with a sliding French door. Allow the boundary between your indoor living and outside life to blur as your design becomes cohesive. Our doors are a gateway between living spaces and the unifying element of your home’s design.

The Expert Partnership Of Infinity From Marvin™ And Phantom Screens®

Here at WindowPRO, we’re proud to partner with Infinity from Marvin and Phantom Screens to give our Southeast Michigan customers the best in door options. As Michigan’s largest installer of Marvin and Infinity from Marvin windows and doors, the quality of our work speaks for itself. With a patio, French or bi-fold door from our trusted partners, you can enjoy the durability of long-lasting doors with timeless style.

When you choose a door from Infinity from Marvin™, you’re choosing innovation, style and a commitment to exceeding expectations. Turn to our partners at Phantom Screens for dependable, beautiful, high-quality retractable screens for your doorways. Our team creates customized screens for your space with your needs in mind. Bring the outdoors in or extend your indoor living outside with retractable screens and stylish doors from WindowPRO and Phantom Screens®.

The Difference In A French Door

A sliding French patio door has many benefits, including:

  • Security — Our French sliding patio doors come equipped with our multi-point locking system.
  • Home Value — As an added amenity, sliding French doors can increase the equity of your house and make it more appealing to buyers.
  • Accessibility — This door style creates a spacious entryway for large gatherings, and our low-profile sill smoothes the transition across the threshold.
  • Lighting — Bring more natural light into your home with French doors that effectively function as large windows.
  • Durability — Our French sliding doors are engineered for both performance and quality, so you can trust them to last season after season.

Trusted Southeast Michigan Patio Door Replacement

Your home’s aesthetic is tied together through your choice of windows and doors. Allow our team to help you complete your look with the perfect French sliding patio door. The wrong door can clash with your home’s design and make it look incomplete or frivolous. With dozens of options and multiple configurations, WindowPRO has the right door for your design.

Our team will work with you to decide on the perfect door that fits your space — both physically and aesthetically. When it’s time to choose a sliding door for your space, it’s time for a French sliding door from WindowPRO. Reach out to us today!

Call On WindowPRO

Expand your views and achieve an elegant look with a French sliding patio door from WindowPRO. Our team is ready to help you decide on the perfect design for your space, so when you’re ready to get started, reach out to us. We offer virtual consultations and free delivery within 50 miles of our Southeast Michigan showroom. Contact us today!

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