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Crystal clear views with the ease and safety of a slider!

Select Slider Windows In Southeast Michigan

Slider windows combine the ventilation capabilities of single or double-hung windows with easy-to-open and close operation. Sliding windows can be designed for either large open areas or narrow placements around your home. Bring in wide, unobstructed views or let some light into a dark hall or stairway with a sliding window.

Here at WindowPRO, we offer sliding window installations for our customers in Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas. Embrace the best of both worlds with a window that’s easy to operate and looks flawless anywhere in your home. To get started designing your window setup, reach out to our team today to schedule your consultation!

slider windows in a Michigan kitchen above the sink

How Do Slider Windows Work?

Slider windows open up smoothly to let you enjoy a fresh breeze and wide-open views without worrying about a window opening directly into your outdoor living space or landscaping.

They’re designed to seal tightly against water and wind so you can enjoy the outside temperatures only when you want to. Slider windows are the top space-saving option for maximum daylight.

Sometimes called gliders, sliding windows operate like double-hung windows except the sashes move sideways instead of vertically.

Sliding windows can have one or multiple operating sashes or can even be combined with picture windows for a unique look. The operating sashes on sliding windows can either tilt in, swing in or be removed to easily clean the panes.

Advantages Of Slider Windows

Sliding windows provide large unobstructed views, and access to ventilation — and are perfect for both large and small spaces. Because sliding windows don’t open out past the plane of the wall, they’re perfect for high-traffic areas like decks, walkways or areas where landscaping elements might grow close to the house.

Fit a slider window in your bathroom, at the top of your stairs or anywhere you need a little added light. As long as you can reach the bottom sash, you can operate our sliding windows. A larger slider can complete your kitchen look, where you can enjoy the view without a horizontal sash cutting the landscape in half.

Why Slider Windows Work In Southeast Michigan

Slider windows are great throughout any home because they don’t open vertically. They look classy in narrow spaces, like behind a kitchen sink or above a soaking tub. Slider windows are also ideal for children’s rooms, giving them access to a broad view of the outdoors without the risk of a window closing down on little fingers.

Slider windows can also be designed taller than they are wide, for a more modern, streamlined look. For homes with low ceilings, slider windows allow you to install wide panes that flood a room with light, without worrying about the sash taking up vertical space.

Enjoy The View With WindowPRO

Here at WindowPRO, we go above and beyond standard, conventional windows. Our products are industry tested for energy efficiency, security and ease of use. Choose from panes in multiple configurations to complete your home’s design aesthetic. Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all windows and sacrifice your view to big-box options. Instead, customize your windows with help from our team.

We also offer window control opening devices to assist in preventing window accidents in children five years and younger. These devices limit the window from opening to more than 4” when the sash is open. With expansive views, additional security and top-quality materials, sliding windows from WindowPRO can’t be beat.

Get Started Today

Here at WindowPRO, we make replacing windows easy. Our team is ready to help you find or design the perfect windows for your home. We also offer virtual consultations and financing options so you can enjoy your new windows even sooner. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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