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Single & Double Hung Windows

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Suitable Single & Double Hung Windows

Windows expand your view and make your home feel welcoming and bright. Bring in more natural light, cross ventilation and improved energy efficiency with a trusted window replacement. Here at WindowPRO, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality, innovative single and double-hung windows for our Southeast Michigan customers.

For five generations, our philosophy has centered on offering excellent service at a fair price. We believe in quality service and the unwavering performance of our dependable team. Reach out and see the WindowPRO difference for yourself. Contact us today!

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What Are Single Hung Windows?

On a single hung window, the top sash does not operate. Instead, it remains in place while the bottom sash can be opened or closed.

A single-hung window is an ideal choice in spaces where a top sash is difficult to reach. Since the top sash is locked in place, single-hung windows prevent unwanted airflow and are therefore more energy efficient than a double-hung window.

Simply put, a single hung window is a classic form that comes to mind when picturing a window. They’re suitable throughout a home, from bedrooms and kitchens to dining areas and front rooms. A single hung window can also be configured with other windows – like picture windows or casement windows – to create a unique look. Contact us today to discuss your options or to begin designing your window configuration today!

What Are Double Hung Windows?

A double-hung window has two operable sashes that each move independently. The sashes slide in tracks built into the frame and are held in position by either friction, counterweights or springs. With this design, the sashes are locked in the middle with a latch. A double-hung window that has a top sash narrower than the bottom sash is sometimes called a cottage window.

Double-hung windows are associated with a more traditional aesthetic and sometimes have divided lites, or window grids, installed. At WindowPRO, you can choose authentic divided lite, simulated divided lite (with or without spacer bars) or grilles between the glass. No matter what your design aesthetic, our team is here to help you achieve it.

Which Style Is Better?

Single-hung windows are virtually indistinguishable from double-hung ones and are generally a smaller investment than double-hung as well. In a different way, double-hung windows are easier to keep clean because both sashes tilt in for easy access to both sides of the glass. Also, lowering a top sash lets heat more easily escape a room.

If your window is located below a projecting eave, lowering the top sash of a double-hung window could still be an option even if it’s raining. Depending on your space and budget, either option could be a better fit for your home. Wondering if a single-hung or double-hung window is for you? Reach out to our team to review your choices!

Go With WindowPRO

At WindowPRO, we believe our experience and professionalism set us apart from the competition. When you choose to have your windows replaced by our team, you’re choosing the company with 5 generations of industry expertise. From replacing one window in your home to assisting you with your entire window renovation, you need WindowPRO.

The technicians at WindowPRO work carefully and efficiently to replace your windows so your home looks flawless. We replace windows year-round – yes, even in the wintertime! – so don’t wait. If you need a window replacement in Southeast Michigan and surrounding areas, contact us today.

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With a trusted window replacement from our team, you can rest assured your windows will look beautiful and last for years. We even offer free delivery within a 50-mile radius of our Southeast Michigan showroom. Remember, with windows from our team, it’s the view of your life… it’s WindowPRO. Reach out to us today!

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