Sliding Window in Kitchen
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Slider Windows Styles and Configurations

The Slider (also known as a Glider) opens up smoothly and lets you enjoy a fresh breeze and wide-open views, without worrying about a window opening into your outdoor living space or landscaping. Designed to seal tightly against water and wind so you’ll enjoy the outside temperature only when you want to.

Equal Style Slider Window
Equal Style Slider Window
Unequal Style Slider Window
Unequal Style Slider Window

Slider Window Configurations

Slider Windows were made to be effortless. WindowPRO knows our customers in the Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio area will take full advantage of a design engineered to match natural body movement.

equal style triple sash sliding window
Equal Style Triple Sash Sliding Window
unequal triple sash sliding window
Unequal Triple Sash Sliding Window

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