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Popular Interior Door Styles

WindowPRO Doors: The Perfect Look For Your Home

As the dividing points between major sections of your Wixom house, the types of doors used in your home have a major impact on the design aesthetic, available space and overall feeling of a room.

With five generations of experience behind us, WindowPRO has mastered the art of interior design and we’re determined to provide the ideal solutions for every customer that has a need.

If you have a vision, we’re capable of fulfilling it! When it comes to interior doors, we’re confident that we’ll be able to present you with options you didn’t even know were possible.

Popular Door Styles In Southeast Michigan

If you’re capable of thinking of it, our team is capable of designing it. However, there are only so many ways to design a door and a few key styles have risen to mass popularity over the last few years.

Some of our most popular design options include the following.

Panel Doors

One of the most classic examples of interior door design, panel doors feature raised and recessed panels that add a layer of visual depth. Coming in countless configurations, these are some of the most versatile doors on the market.

French Doors

Timeless and elegant, french doors are made up of individual glass panels which are typically separated by wooden trim. With a wide range of wood and glass types along with countless panel configurations, french doors are a great way to add a splash of personal touch to your home.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are a convenient way to add a rustic flare to any home. Installed on a track and designed to slide parallel to the wall instead of moving on hinges, they’re also a great way to save space.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are ideal for situations where space is at a premium. Pocket doors are built into the wall itself and designed to seamlessly slide in and out of the door frame.

Dutch Doors

One of the most efficient ways to provide a unique division between spaces, Dutch doors are divided horizontally allowing each half to be opened and closed independently.

Bi-fold Doors

Ideal for larger spaces, bi-fold doors consist of two doors that unite in the middle allowing for versatility for organization and a more open aesthetic.

Glass Doors

Glass interior doors are a unique way to achieve a division between spaces without disrupting natural light or the open, modern aesthetic that you may be trying to achieve.

Louvered Doors

Ideal for ventilation in areas like the kitchen, louvered doors feature a series of slits that act as a pathway for improved ventilation between spaces without disrupting privacy.

WindowPro: Opening The Doors On The Way To Your Dream Home

Whether you need a bedroom door replacement or are seeking ideal home office doors, WindowPRO’s team is here for you. With generations of experience, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality window and door services.

Whether it’s creating a separation between your home office and living space or enhancing the aesthetics of your bedroom, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our team to get started today!

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